And I’ve been there, busy entrepreneur, community advocate, mama, >insert your identity here<. You feel like you have all the things to do, and you’re just not sure how to. Right?

With a full-time job that I absolutely love, membership on an active volunteer board of directors, my business and slate of clients, PLUS my favorite titles like girlfriend, daughter, aunt, and friend….let’s just say I needed to figure out how to do it all – because why shouldn’t you get to do everything you want?

Our team will help you with your content strategy + development from brainstorming through scheduling and full content management for web, e-mail, social media and more.

With this course, you’ll learn what content is, why it’s important and a simple three-step process to take your content strategy to the next level.

In need of a different look or starting your business from scratch and need a brand? We got you. Let our design team help!

Order your quarterly and annual calendars in multiple size and color options! Plan out your big goals, one quarter (or year) at a time.


I’m here to inspire community + build connection.

My happy place is working with team-based, value-driven creative entrepreneurs and companies. If you light up when someone asks you about your company because it’s your passion, not your profession, let’s talk.

Let’s inspire community + build connection together.


My Values


I believe in sharing my creative + happy self with you. I'm upfront in what I can help you with (and what I can't!) and provide clear + consistent pricing.


I'm a human ray of sunshine - no really, my best friend called me that once. There is always a silver lining to a situation and I'm here to share the light.


Ellen DeGeneres says it best at the end of her show: ``Be kind to one another.`` I firmly believe that the best thing we can do in this world is spread kindness like confetti.


I have a heart for giving. I regularly give and volunteer with local and national nonprofit organizations and I'm proud to offer a discount for all nonprofit clients.


Hey there, I’m Torey. I’m a communicator, enneagram 2 and hazelnut mocha junkie. If I’m not working on my business or with my nonprofit team, I’m probably reading a book, listening to a podcast, blogging or signing up for another crafting workshop. 

I call the Northland of Kansas City, Missouri, home and share it with my handsome boyfriend, Derek (who is also toreystories’ Chief Tech & Financial Officer!). We enjoy spending time with our families, exploring our city and building our in-home movie theater.

Why the pineapple?
The pineapple is the international symbol for hospitality. When sailors returned from long journeys and wanted to host friends, they placed a pineapple outside the door. This simple symbol welcomed others into their home.
My door is open and you’re welcome here.

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